Technivorm Moccamaster


The Moccamaster combines straightforward operation with precision engineering - resulting in the perfect intersection of quality and efficiency. Brewing a pot is as easy as filling the tank with water, adding a fresh filter with ground coffee, and sliding a carafe into place, making this machine great for shared office environments or sleepy morning operators.

This machine may be simple to use, but the inner workings are designed and constructed by hand with rigorous attention to temperature consistency and uniform extraction.

9-hole spray head wets grounds evenly for precise extraction every time.

Brew cycle completes in 5-7 minutes.

Simple, one switch-operation.

Pairs perfectly with either paper or metal filters, like the Kone.

Couple it with a reliable grinder like the Baratza Encore or Vario-W and you are set.

ECBC/SCAE/SCAA approved.

Handmade in the Netherlands.


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